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Navjeevan Weight Loss is the best weight loss & Slimming Center in Hyderabad offering life changing weight loss services, helping people with health issues including overweight and underweight problems. Our unique personalized approach towards our clients has given us a high rate of success and a remarkable reputation.

Some Facts About Our Company and Programs.

 1. The World's No.1 Health Products Company

2. Operating in 88 Countries around the World.

3. 34 Years of Strong Existence.

4. Listed among the Top-10 Companies on NYSE - New York Stock Exchange.

5. Products Formulated by Noble Prize Winning Doctors and top Scientists

6. 6.5 Crore Registered Satisfied Customers

7. Approved by Govt.of India's Health Department and Health Ministry of 88 Countries

8. Top Athletes across the globe use our products on a daily basis.

9. Get Guaranteed Results or get your money back in 30 Days.

All our weight loss programs are designed individually to suit:

Personal Requirements

Body Type


Work Environment

Eating Habits

Activity Level

Resting Metabolism

and many more factors.

We have the best way to lose weight without exercise.Learn how to lose weight fast at home and reduce belly fat safe and effectively.Learn How to control your weight. Improve your muscles with increased energy and fitness levels. Enhance your Skin's Health & maintain perfect glowing complexion.Regain your perfect shape with simple weight loss tips for men & women.  

For Personal Consultation

Give us a call at: +91 90147-84216

or visit us at: http://reduce-weight.in 

Bookings available at: http://wellnesstrainer.appointy.com 


We are located at:

HNo. 4-4-31, Plot No.31,

Lalama Gardens,Near Bachpan Play School, Puppalguda,

Manikonda.Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500089


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